Motorcycle Enthusiasts Rally Destination
AS A POTENTIAL SPONSOR, WE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ONE THING… WHAT IS MY RETURN ON INVESTMENT? The potential: - The High Forest Rumble Rallies for Motorcycle Enthusiasts specifically targets the “High End” Rider. That is a rider that has chosen to ride a very expensive motorcycle. - Deep research shows that there are more than 109,000 of this type of rider within a 200 mile radius of the High Forest Rumble Rally destination. - Harley Davidson owns approximately 90% of that number. - Harley Davidson describes their core demographic as “males of 50 years old or older”, plus they are, by far, the industry leader in marketing to females. - It has been a proven that this demographic is VERY LOYAL to the brands that they feel are supportive of them. BY CREATIVELY ACTIVATING YOUR BRAND IN FRONT OF A VERY LOYAL COMMUNITY OF THIS POTENTIAL SIZE, IT WILL DRIVE THEM TO RETAIL WITH EXCELLENT RESULTS… THE RESULTS YOU ARE SEEKING. We would love to discuss the various unique brand activation opportunities we have available… or work with you to develop a completely new and creative activation plan. If you would like to explore this further with Denny Keitzman, give us a call directly at 931-796-3436, it would be our pleasure to explore options with you.

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