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Quality, Quality, Quality…

I can’t say it enough! Quality is VERY important to us in all areas of the High Forest Rumble series of destination rallies.


We realize that there is only one chance to make a first impression on the motorcycle enthusiasts that choose to spend their time at the High Forest Rumble rallies.  We are determined to make that first impression and every subsequent impression, the best it can possibly be.


Therefore, we are seeking only the very top vendors in each category… whether it is food and beverage or other types of vendors. We will be very selective when choosing vendors in any particular category.  Further, we are seeking vendors that are “out of the ordinary”… we desire to have an offering rarely found at events of this type.


We have made the decision to only have one vendor offering any particular product.  Further, we have kept our spot rental prices at levels that are very affordable for a two-day event.  That will accomplish two things for you, as a vendor, it will minimize competition… and help you to maximize your profit margin.  We want you to succeed!  We understand that happy, successful quality vendors will go a long way to helping us make the High Forest Rumble events a total success.


A word about the potential… our extensive research shows that there is a minimum of 109,000 “high end” motorcycle riders within a 200 mile radius of Hohenwald, TN.  Very conservative estimates show that 3% of that number could ride to Hohenwald and enjoy the quality destination we plan.  That means that a potential of over 3,000 motorcycles might show up and represent approximately 4,000 individuals.  That is just in the first year… as the events grow, organically, in year two that number could swell upwards of 7,000 motorcycles and over 9,000 individuals per event!


We are very committed to an extended journey, and are expecting a very long and successful life for the High Forest Rumble series of events.  We embrace growth and have a significant “second stage” plan.  We would love to develop a group of quality vendors to grow with us!


Please rest assured, if you are chosen as a vendor for the High Forest Rumble series of events, we feel that you are among the best available in your chosen area and we will do our best to make you, and the events, as a whole, as successful as possible.


If you wish to be considered as a vendor for the High Forest Rumble series of rally destinations, please print the application form, below and return it to us as soon as possible.


You may scan the completed form and email to Denny Keitzman at “”, or you may wish to fax it to us at 253-679-1989.

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